Button 12


The Button 12 panel provides control of up to 12 devices, functions or macros via the Logitek AE32 or JetStream. Similar to a console softkey panel but offering added functionality, the Button 12 incorporates twelve user-assignable, backlit buttons as well as expanded GPI/O through 16 programmable relays and 16 GPI contacts. The Button 12 is housed in a convenient 1 RU enclosure.

COM-12 Intercom Panel


Logitek consoles have intercom functionality, but where consoles are not located (such as in the TOC) the COM-12 panel can provide independent intercom operation. The COM-12 panel includes a mic preamp, loudspeaker and 12 backlit pushbuttons in a 1 RU enclosure. Buttons can be programmed to talk to any Logitek console in your facility, or another COM-12 unit attached to the system. Groups can be combined into “all-call” buttons; if additional call buttons are needed, the Button 12 panel provides cost-effective expansion of an intercom station. Up to 12 units may be daisy-chained onto the same AE32 or JetStream port. Multiple levels of access priority are supported; talkback and IFB to telephone or ISDN lines are also available.



The Route-3 provides full menu selection control for 3 devices with a simple, easy to learn interface. Press the Channel 1, Channel 2 or Channel 3 selection button, dial up the desired input from the AE32 or JetStream using the Select knob, and press the confirm button. The same labels that appear on any Logitek console appear on the LCD menu display for each input selected.



This convenient 1 RU panel gives you full input and output control of the AE32 or JetStream. As with the Route-3, the Route-XY uses simple controls to access sources. Select the desired Destination and Source easily and quickly. Any source that appears on the Logitek router is available to the Route-XY.

GST-20 and GST-22 Guest Controls


On-air guests in broadcast studios can have control over their own headphone/monitor levels and mic on/off functions with the GST-22 and GST-20 panels. The GST-20 (shown above) resides in a rack cabinet and includes an amplifier and gain control for two headphones. The audio input is selected from a list displayed on the LCD screen; medium or high impedance headphones can be connected. Three programmable buttons can be used to remotely control a mic channel, interface with an intercom system or remotely start playback machines. A relay is provided to drive external “mic live” indicators. The GST-20 has an internal power supply.

The GST-22 is designed to drop into a table cutout and provides a connection for one pair of headphones. A small external power supply will power up to six of these panels. Gst22 Select

 MPQR Mic Preamp

MPQRThe MPQR contains four independent microphone preamplifiers. All inputs and outputs are actively balanced and terminated in XLR connectors. Individual switch selectable phantom power supplies and the wide trim pot adjustable gain range make the MPQR easy to use with almost any microphone. The power supply accepts 110-230 VAC.