AE-IP IP Audio Controller

AE-IPThe AE-IP Audio Controller replaces the AE-C6, SA-DSP cards, and NETA audio network card in the AE-32 Audio Engine and updates the engine with the same control, DSP, and IP Audio Networking technology used in our JetStream platform.

With the AE-IP, the Audio Engine is immediately brought forward to today’s IP Audio without having to re-wire all of the existing audio I/O and helps modernize an older Logitek installation at minimal cost.

An embedded microprocessor replaces the external PC commonly used in older Audio Engine systems.

The AE-32 Audio Engine offers up to 64 x 64 stereo inputs and outputs depending upon the analog and digital cards installed. With the AE-IP, multiple AE-32 engines may be networked together using AoIP technology, as well as adding compatibility with the JetNet PC audio driver which replaces computer sound cards.

Click here for an AE-IP Datasheet