Rack Space Tight? Free Up Space with Logitek Audio I/O

When rack space is at a premium, Logitek can accommodate your audio I/O requirements most efficiently. We can fit up to 128 channels I/O into two rack units with the JetStream Mini or 240 channels I/O into 4 rack units with the JetStream Plus – twice the density of the closest competitor. In fact, some competing audio networking systems need up to 30 rack units to handle the same number of inputs and outputs.

Logitek networked audio platforms use individual cards within the router to manage the required I/O. This means that you can specify the types of I/O you will need, and the cards will be pre-installed for you at the time of order. Logitek can supply analog inputs, digital inputs, SDI inputs (JetStream plus only), microphone preamps (4 or 8 per card on the JetStream Mini, 8 per card on the JetStream Plus), analog outputs, and digital outputs. Digital I/O can be either AES or S/PDIF.

In addition to sheer I/O density, Logitek saves you rack space in other ways. You can pull out that old external profanity delay unit – you won’t need it; a profanity delay is built-in to the Logitek system. Our television customers enjoy frame delay built-in to every console. On-board processors and microphone preamps also free up space. What used to require a large rack of equipment for just one studio can now be boiled down to a half-rack that fits on top of or underneath the studio furniture.

Dense nodes simplify your network infrastructure, too. Rather than using core and edge switches to connect many units across many racks, a single core switch has you covered. Redundant networks, a feature coming soon to the JetStream, eliminates having a single point of failure.

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