Need EQ and Microphone Processing? It’s Built In.

By John Davis, Technical Support Manager, Logitek

One of the best parts about moving from analog to digital (and into networked audio) is freeing up rack space. I used to work in a studio built for analog in a high rise that had amazing views of the city – except for the large turrets built into the cabinetry with two racks worth of microphone processing. Besides not being able to see out the window, all the extra equipment blocked your view of the guest and co-host positions in the studio, too. About the only positive I ever found in that claustrophobic configuration was you could warm your hands over the vents on the top of the cabinet on a cold day because there was so much equipment jammed inside to make the studio work.

Once you move to a modern networked console system like the JetStream, you don’t need large turrets on every corner, and you end up with clear lines of sight.

With the dynamics and EQ built into the JetStream (and by extension, the audio console) those racks filled with mic processors aren’t necessary. Compression, limiting, expansion, and equilization is available at every fader, and the technology that powers it is built into one single chip inside of the JetStream.

These dynamics and EQ settings are available from menus on most Logitek consoles, and they are also available from the Logitek JetStream Server software. That means you also have the option to disable the menus on the console, set the microphones to sound exactly the way you would like for them to sound, and lock those settings in. No metal mesh grilles over the knobs required.

Now your studio can sound clean and look clean, because the Logitek JetStream does the work of several racks worth of equipment in just a few rack spaces.

Of course, if your morning host is convinced that he/she only sounds good through a certain box (face it- the choice of microphone and mic processing is a deeply personal thing with a lot of air talent), you can always set the JetStream to run the channel unprocessed and use your outboard gear, but in this case you still have the flexibility to put the external processing on host positions and use what’s built into the Logitek JetStream for guest positions.

That’s the beauty of Logitek – you can customize your studio exactly the way you want it, and we’re happy to draw upon our years of broadcast experience to help you find what’s going to work best.