JetStream Mini Audio Networking Node


The JetStream Mini is an integrated console engine and AoIP routing platform. It handles console functions as well as audio routing duties. One JetStream Mini can handle up to 128 digital or analog inputs/outputs of your choice. It includes 24 mix-minus busses (assignable to any fader of any Logitek console connected to the router); 9 program busses; 32 channels of stereo audio shared between 1 to 3 Logitek consoles; EQ and dynamics processing assignable to any fader; fader input metering with audio level alarms; smooth digital mixing and triggering.  StudioHub+™ inputs may be directly connected; breakouts are also available for DB25, XLR, BNC (digital I/O) and punch blocks.

Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems is available via the JetNet network conduit.

The JetStream Mini offers seamless interoperability with many video routers, edit systems (D/ESAM) and program automation control systems.


JetStream Rear Panel:

A – Universal power input, up to 25 Watts; external +12VDC port for a backup power supply.

B – A video monitor connects here for Logitek’s vMix+ software application.

C – Four USB ports for connecting memory sticks, pointing devices or other data. For TV automation systems, a serial port is available in this location.

D – Dual Gb Ethernet ports with failover configuration for built-in redundancy.

E – Connect your house sync to one JetStream Mini  unit and the others on the network will follow.

F – Press “Find Me” button to override automatic features for detection.

G – Control surfaces connect here; up to four Logitek consoles may be connected.

H – 12 GPI input and 16 GPI output contacts for controlling external devices.

I – StudioHub+™ compatible RJ-45 connectors for most I/O cards.

Seven types of I/O cards are available; Logitek’s Sales and Support teams can help you specify the number and types of cards you will need when ordering:

  • Analog input (4 stereo)
  • Analog output (4 stereo)
  • Digital input (4 AES or S/PDIF)
  • Digital output (4 AES or S/PDIF)
  • Digital input (8 AES, DB-25 connector)
  • Digital output (8 AES, DB-25 connector)
  • Microphone input (4 mics, 48V phantom power)

Click here for a JetStream Mini datasheet for Radio

Click here for a JetStream-Mini datasheet for TV

Click here for a JetStream MINI Reference Manual

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