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How can we help you?

Logitek technical support is available by telephone from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday Central Time (GMT -6). After hours, we ask that calls be limited to off-air emergencies only.

Call toll-free in the USA (877) 231-5870 or (713) 664-4470.

Customers outside of the USA and Canada should contact their local Logitek dealer for technical assistance in their local language and time zone.

Before contacting us, please make sure you’ve got the correct Logitek. We don’t make consumer electronics, computer accessories, or gaming equipment (that’s spelled Logitech), and we don’t make aeronautical parts for the defense industry.

We have removed the online form because messages from it were being caught in our SPAM filter and we don’t want to miss your e-mail! We can be reached at

Please, help yourself.

Here you will find our manuals, downloads, and application notes.

Note that we have recently changed the tabs below. All JetStream hardware and software is now grouped into its own category and all AE-32 hardware and software is grouped into a separate category. We hope this will make things easier to find.

New manuals for the ROC, Mosaic, and Command Builder v5 for JetStream were released on August 7, 2015.

JetStream Router Manuals

JetStream MINI Reference Manual

Wiring: JSM GPIO M66 Block

Logitek JetStream Plus Reference Manual 1.0

JetStream Software Manuals

Logitek JetSet Reference Manual 1.2 | Web-based configuration system for JetStream v5.0 and up (Mini, PLUS, AE-IP.) Includes JetStream Server.

Logitek CommandBuilder Reference Manual Rev 5.1– For JetStream v5.0 and up(Mini, Plus, AE-IP)

Logitek vTools Reference Manual v5 – For JetStream v5.0 and up (Mini, Plus, AE-IP). vTools includes the following applications: vMix+, vMix+ Design, vChange (for Artisan), vSnapshot, and vTranslator.

Audio Engine Router Manuals

Logitek AE-32 Audio Engine Manual

Wiring: AE32 M66 Block

Wiring: AE32 Krone Block

AE-32 Audio Engine Software Manuals

Supervisor 3.6 Manual – 7 MB – For AE-32 Audio Engines

AE Config 3.6 Manual – 4 MB – For AE-32 Audio Engines

Command Builder Manual v3.6.1 – For AE-32 Audio Engines running Supervisor 3.6

Logitek vTools Reference Manual Rev 3.6.1 – Includes vButton, vChange, vRoute, vSnapshot, vMix, vMix+/vScreen, Matrix IP. 6 MB

Console/Router Panel Manuals

Pilot Digital Console

ROC Digital Console

Mosaic Digital Console (for Mosaic consoles made after December 2013)

Artisan Digital Console

Logitek Utility Panels (Router controllers, guest turrets, button boxes, etc.)

If you are looking for information on an older console, try looking under the Discontinued Items tab.

Software Downloads

We do not provide downloads of JetStream software, as it is embedded into the equipment. Contact support if you need assistance with the JetStream.

Version 3.6 AE-32 Software

A username and password is required to download this software. Contact support if you do not have the credentials. This software cannot be used in version 2 Audio Engines.

We recommend using the Setup Wizard to install this software. Place all of the software and the setup wizard in a temporary directory. Then point the wizard to your existing installation (if applicable) and it will create a Logitek 3.6 folder for you to use.

If you are a new installation, you will need to download the DSP tables and unzip this file to the Logitek 3.6 software folder.

Right-click to download.

AE Config 3.6 | Audio Engine configuration software

Command Builder 3.6  | Macro/Trigger builder software

Supervisor 3.6 | Runs triggers and is the gateway for all applications to connect to the Audio Engine. Note: If you use television automation from Sony or Ross Video, contact the support department for a special version of Supervisor.

vButton 3.6 | Virtual button software

vChange 3.6 | Pops up on the screen when you change sources to make things easier to read on Mosaic and Artisan

vDelay 3.6 | Virtual delay controller for radio consoles

vManager 3.6 | Watchdog program that makes sure Supervisor is always running

vMix 3.6 | Virtual mixer program. An additional license is required.

vMix+ Design | GUI designer for vMix+. An additional license is required

vMix+ | Runs customized GUI audio mixers and custom virtual clients. An additional license is required.

vRoute 3.6 | Virtual Router

vSnapshot 3.6 | Captures & recalls “snapshots” of the console

vTranslator 3.6 | Generic interface to automation and other UDP/serial devices

v2.x Audio Engine Software

Do not use this software with a version 3 engine!

AE Config for version 2