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Virtual clients for mixing, metering, router control and graphical displays – all rolled into one easy-to use application. That’s vMix+ from Logitek.

vMix+ works with JetStream AoIP Audio Networking or the Logitek Audio Engine to bring key operational features to a computer monitor near  you. Need to set up a single meter in the PD’s office? Router selector buttons in the TOC? Lots of meters in a TV control room? A flashy display for the lobby, with real-time information? Simple drag-and-drop editing allows you to place any combination of these items onto a screen in any desired position.

To use vMix+, a Logitek Audio Networking system is required. The application may be used in conjunction with, or separately from, Logitek Digital Consoles. Contact our Sales or Support departments for more information on how vMix+ can increase the flexibility of your Logitek system.

Download the vMix+ Datasheet