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Logitek’s latest audio consoles support AES-67, Livewire, Ravenna, and even Dante, so no matter what AoIP equipment you already own, we can connect to it.

Learn about the best value in AoIP, the Logitek mixIT, offering 12 faders for less than the others charge for 8. (But you can get a mixIT with anything from 6 to 18 faders. We’re flexible like that.)

The Logitek Helix is our premium console for television and radio.

Or, if you think the perfect console is no console at all, see the Logitek Helix Studio.

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In the first installment of Logitek’s AoIP 101 webinar series, our Executive Overview takes the 5 most common questions about Audio over IP and answers them in common, easy to understand language. If you’re not an engineer and you’re wondering why your engineer is excited about AoIP technology, or if you’re an engineer new to IP audio, these 11 minutes will help you understand why today’s audio consoles sound so good and save you money.

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