Networked Audio Compatibility

Compatibility has always been a goal for Logitek. We recognize that as more and more products enter the digital realm, the ability to have those products “talk” to one another is crucial.


Our JetNet AoIP audio networking system allows direct access to and from Logitek’s network engines via hard disk playout systems, without requiring the use of a sound card. This direct connection does not tie up extra I/O ports on the JetStream system, allowing you to keep those ports open for other equipment connections.


We also provide direct interfaces to popular television automation systems, such as Ross Overdrive and Sony ELC, making the audio-video integration process seamless. Use a different system in your newsroom’s workflow? Talk to us. We want to help you.


In addition to our JetNet audio networking system, Logitek has licensed Livewire technology to seamlessly work with the hundreds of audio products that support that standard. From VoIP telephone systems to audio processors, connection is as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable.


We’re not stopping there. With support for the AES 67 standard coming to Logitek products shortly, Logitek is committed to making sure its networking products work side by side with those from other manufacturers.

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