First In On-Board Profanity Delays

Logitek was the first manufacturer of networked audio consoles to incorporate profanity delay as part of its basic system. Because the profanity delay software resides in Logitek’s JetStream network engine, all Logitek Radio consoles – the Mosaic, ROC, Pilot and vMix+ – have the ability to build a delay of up to 6 seconds and dump it at the press of a button.


Profanity delay controls are built in to the large softkey module on the Mosaic console, giving users at-a-glance indication of the delay status, whether it is activated or out, and a clearly labeled button for dumping the delay.


This makes the Mosaic a natural choice for radio stations who run talk programs or frequently air “colorful” callers. However, the same functionality can reside in other Logitek consoles; any softkey can be assigned as a ‘delay dump’ button. Assignable color-coding in the ROC console’s softkey module allows any button on that panel to have its own color for high visibility to operators. Although the Pilot console does not have assignable colors, it still offers 12 softkeys on its Monitor Module, any of which can be assigned delay dump duties.


Another option for utilizing the profanity delay function is found in Logitek’s vMix+. This ‘virtual console’ program allows you to create a customized screen that can display buttons, individual faders and other information. Through the use of a touchscreen panel, a delay dump control can be at an operator’s easy reach.


Profanity delay functions are available in both the JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus networked audio engines.

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