One Button Scene Selection

Today’s studios have multiple personalities, and we’re not just talking about the colorful people who speak into the microphone.


Sometimes a studio hosts a live show with multiple microphones. Sometimes it’s used for production and voice tracking. Sometimes it’s used to produce a sporting event. It all depends upon the needs at that time of the day. If a facility with multiple air studios shares a production room, that room may have to exhibit many “personalities” depending on the station that is using it at the time.


Logitek’s Snapshot feature saves up to 50 profiles per console so you can set up everything just as you’d like it and save it for instant recall later. As a user enters the room, all he or she needs to do is press the appropriate button, and the Logitek console is instantly re-mapped for that person’s use. Switch all of the microphones to different faders? No problem. Bring in four rarely-used codecs? No problem . Depending on the console, you can even have specific color-coding on the buttons to provide fast visual indication to operators not only of their scene selection button, but of the sources they need to use for their show or production.


Because our consoles are all router-based, your console buying decision is now based on how many faders you need to use at once, not on how many inputs your studio needs. Snapshot gives you the flexibility to instantly change sources and bus assignments at the touch of a button.

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