Everything you need in just one rack unit:

  • 4 microphone inputs with phantom power
  • 6 stereo analog inputs
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 8 stereo analog outputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • EQ and dynamics at every fader
  • Up to 24 mix-minus buses


  • AES67
  • LiveWire™
  • (optional) Dante


Designed for maximum flexibility in Radio console operation at an affordable price, the JET67 interfaces to AES67, RAVENNA, and LiveWire networks as well as Logitek’s JetNet AoIP protocol; an optional Dante® interface is also available. Two 1 GB Ethernet connectors and two 10/100 Ethernet connectors are provided. The JET67’s internal mixer supports up to a 24 fader console, providing EQ and dynamics at each fader along with Program and 3 Aux buses at each fader. Up to 24 mix-minus buses are available, depending on the attendant console; buses may be combined for stereo operation. Six stereo analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 4 Mic inputs with phantom power, 8 stereo analog outputs and 2 digital outputs are provided.

Connections to JET67 are made with quick connect terminal blocks – no soldering, punch-downs or specialized crimping tools are needed. GPIO is provided on a DB-15 connector and includes 4 inputs and 8 outputs. Two JET67 units may be directly connected for expanded I/O capability. The unit is powered by an internal 90-264 VAC, 20 W supply, with a connection for an external 12 VDC redundant supply.

The JET67 Audio Engine, when combined with the mixIT audio console, brings superior performance at a low price point to Radio stations. It also operates with Logitek’s Helix hardware surfaces and Helix Studio virtual surface.

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