AUSTIN, TEXAS – Logitek Electronic Systems and its R&D partner, Logitek Australia, announced today at The Radio Show the introduction of JetLink, a new line of remote audio products for radio. JetLink sends and receives broadcast quality audio from point to point.

A free public beta version of JetLink will soon be released that links two computers over a LAN, WAN, or the public Internet. Additional paid features will be added to JetLink based on the feedback received in the free beta program. Interested broadcasters can sign up for the program at the Logitek booth at The Radio Show, booth 315, or online at

“While we’ve primarily been a console company over our history, Logitek has always been about innovation and solving problems for broadcasters,” said Tag Borland, Logitek President. “As ISDN lines become scarce, new technologies need to fill that role. We see the need for simple, cost effective ways for radio to broadcast remotely from anywhere.”

Paul Dengate, Managing Director of Logitek Australia explained, “We are looking at a total shutdown of ISDN service in our country, and we see that happening across the globe. We don’t see the future of remote audio in a crate of heavy codec boxes that requires an engineer on each end. Rather, we see a future where anyone can plug in a microphone and headphones into a computer and click Start.”

Using a high bitrate Opus stereo software codec, JetLink has proven to keep a solid, low latency connection on corporate LAN connections, DSL lines, WiFi, and 4G LTE connections. “We’ve been testing JetLink connections between Australia and the US for some time now, and we have our booth here in Austin connected back to our Houston office,” said Borland. “We can’t wait to let everyone try this for themselves and hear how good it sounds.”

About Logitek Electronic Systems

Since 1979, Logitek has been designing and manufacturing innovative, simple to use products for broadcasters. The first North American console manufacturer to embrace router-based consoles (starting in the 1990s), Logitek also pioneered the use of virtual consoles/router controls for efficiency and space savings in the studio, and was the first to offer on-board profanity delays, processing and other functions in its console designs. Logitek’s networked console systems are used in radio and television facilities worldwide. Product information is available at

About Logitek Australia

Celebrating 10 years of operation, Logitek Australia is highly experienced in radio & TV systems, installation, support and development. Logitek Australia is part of the OnAir Solutions group, employing a team of 16 Sydney-based staff and a team of installation contractors. Logitek Australia has deployed more than 70 Logitek systems for ABC Local Radio over the years, and is expert in system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and support. Logitek Australia is the Australian & New Zealand distributor for Logitek products, and is now taking on a distribution and support role for the Asian region.