Houston, Texas — Logitek Electronic Systems has partnered with its long-term Australian distributor, Logitek Australia, to open a new Research & Development facility in Sydney, Australia. The facility is based inside Logitek Australia’s high-tech Sydney office, which has dedicated spaces for development, support, equipment testing and demonstration. The new engineering center will initially focus on software and applications, having already commenced a ground-up rewrite of Logitek’s suite using the latest software development tools.

Led by Paul Dengate, Managing Director of Logitek Australia, the team includes software and application designers with years of experience in broadcast audio.
Max Healey has joined the Logitek Australia R&D team as System Architect, heading up all software development and documentation. “Max has been writing software and web applications for radio and satellite syndication since the 1990s, and intricately understands how to make bullet-proof software for 24/7 environments,” said Dengate.  Max’s solutions have won him 3 Australian Commercial Radio Awards for Engineering Excellence.

Phil Hertenberger has been promoted from within Logitek Australia to take on an Application Developer role. Prior to that, Phil was responsible for writing configurations and scripts for Logitek Australia’s ABC Regional Rollout, so has many years of experience in programming and solving customer problems. “Max and Phil both got their start in radio & TV, so intimately understand the needs of operators and on-air talent,” Dengate said.

Tag Borland, President of Logitek Electronics Systems, noted “Our current software has evolved over many years, but with the move to the glass-cockpit concept and even more screens, it was time for a new approach to our user interface. Logitek Australia has always helped us with testing and documentation, and when they expressed an interest in taking over our software development, it seemed a natural fit. That lets us focus in Houston on new hardware and designs, while the Aussies worry about the UI and software.”

Paul Dengate said “I’ve been working with Tag & Logitek for 16 years, and always been impressed at their ability to tailor products to new customer needs whilst still supporting existing users with long-term support and backward compatibility. Combining our decades of Logitek, audio, IP and control experience means the new partnership will take Logitek well into the future with the latest innovations for broadcast. We’re all really looking forward to showing off our efforts at NAB in April.”

The two teams are working on a number of product releases for 2017/18, including innovative touch solutions which will be unveiled at the upcoming NAB show, booth C1322. The Logitek Australia R&D team will join Logitek’s US personnel at the booth to answer questions on the new products.

About Logitek Electronic Systems
Since 1979, Logitek has been designing and manufacturing innovative, simple to use products for broadcasters. The first North American console manufacturer to embrace router-based consoles (starting in the 1990s), Logitek also pioneered the use of virtual consoles/router controls for efficiency and space savings in the studio, and was the first to offer on-board profanity delays, processing and other functions in its console designs. Logitek’s networked console systems are used in radio and television facilities worldwide. Product information is available at www.logitekaudio.com.

About Logitek Australia
Celebrating 10 years of operation, Logitek Australia is highly experienced in radio & TV systems, installation, support and development. Logitek Australia is part of the OnAir Solutions group, employing a team of 16 Sydney-based staff and a team of installation contractors. Logitek Australia has deployed more than 70 Logitek systems for ABC Local Radio over the years, and is expert in system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and support. Logitek Australia is the Australian & New Zealand distributor for Logitek products, and is now taking on a distribution and support role for the Asian region.

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