Mosaic Digital Console

Mosaic Digital Console. Click for a larger view.

On-air, production and news edit suites can benefit from the versatility of Logitek’s updated Mosaic console.

Powered by the Logitek JetStream AoIP Audio Networking platform (also compatible with the AE-32 Audio Engine, our TDM router), the Mosaic is presented in a streamlined, desktop-friendly design that allows you to move the board out of the way when not needed. Consoles are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 24 faders, with 2 options for meter bridges (or metering on a PC screen via our vMix+ application). Bright, easily read OLED screens are used throughout for source identification and confidence metering; illuminated rotary controls and programmable backlighting for on/off and selector buttons allow custom color-coding for operators and easy operation in any type of studio lighting.

An updated Softkey module incorporates dedicated profanity controls and eight Quick-Select buttons for mix changes, transmission switching, studio switching and more; an optional Source Selector module adds five more Quick-Select router controls.

As with all Logitek consoles, any source can be assigned to any fader, and each fader provides easy access to control functions as well as indication of bus assignments and level metering.

Two optional Meter Bridges are available along with on-screen metering provided via the vMix+ application.

12 GPI inputs and 12 GPI outputs are available via two DB25 connectors.

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