Artisan Digital Console

Logitek’s Artisan digital console is a flexible, expandable control surface for on-air, news and production rooms. Frame sizes are available to accommodate 2 to 32 faders (38 faders are possible via the JetStream Plus and vMix+ or automation systems) along with two master mixes, eight stereo sub mixes, four stereo aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. A five-function dynamics processor and four band EQ are available at all faders, aux busses, subgroups and master outputs. All channels can be 5.1, mono or stereo.

The Artisan is operated via the JetStream Plus router, offering the versatility of 240 channels of dense-node I/O. HD/SDI, analog, digital and mic inputs are available along with analog/digital outputs; the system can interface to popular router protocols including Ross Overdrive and Sony Professional’s ELC; the system is capable of following an EDL.

Insert points for Dugan automixers are available via the JetStream Plus. Inserts for eight faders are supported.

Available modules include Fader, Monitor, Master, Softkey and Effects. Meter bridges are available along with on-screen metering provided via the Logitek vMix+ software application.

A separate rack-mount redundant power supply can be located under or behind furniture. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.

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