Logitek President Tag Borland began working in radio while attending Rice University in the 1970s. He founded Logitek Electronic Systems in 1979 with his business partner Scott Hochberg; Hochberg left the company after a few years but Tag has remained at the helm and continues as the company’s principal equipment designer. Tag’s university training in computers has steered much of his design work in broadcast consoles, leading to the United States’ first router-based console for radio in the mid 1990s. All consoles made by us since then have been control surfaces for routers, which adds immense flexibility in number of faders, I/O source selection, on-board audio processing, console scene setup for operators, and much more.

Logitek also brought expertise in audio signal metering to the broadcast market. A separate line of audio signal meters ranging from analog needle-style meters to digital multi-channel LED meters were available through the early 2000’s, and were quite popular in the pro audio industry as well as the TV market. We elected to focus entirely on audio consoles about 10 years ago but incorporated our precision metering into our consoles’ displays as well as our virtual consoles.

1980s-era Custom Audio Series
1990s - early 2000s era Numix
Mid 2000s era Artisan Television Console

Over the years, Logitek has added functionality for console use in not only Radio, but TV applications. The routers at the heart of our radio and TV consoles integrate mixing and processing functions, allowing us to easily offer high-end features such as multiple mix-minus busses, scene selects, EQ, dynamics, and profanity delays in our products. Our TV consoles have been designed to include frame delay and interfaces to the most popular automation/program workflow systems, and our AoIP consoles give radio stations the versatility needed to connect to all of the other equipment in the studio. Our newest product, the JET67 router, is compatible with ST2110 / AES67, Livewire, Ravenna, and Dante (the last is an extra-cost option; the others are built-in).

Logitek Helix Studio
Logitek Helix
Logitek mixIT

Logitek consoles are created deep in the heart of Texas and proudly made in the USA.

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