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For 40 years, Logitek has been a broadcasting innovator. We’ve come a long way since making analog consoles, audio meters, phono preamps, and such in the 70s and 80s.

In the 1990s, Logitek was the first North American company to make a router based digital audio console as well as the first PC virtual console. We began networking consoles together with fiber optics in the early 2000s and shifted to Audio over IP as that technology matured.

1980s-era Custom Audio Series
1990s - early 2000s era Numix
Mid 2000s era Artisan Television Console

In 2017, Logitek introduced the award-winning line of Helix touchscreen networked audio consoles for radio and television.

Logitek Helix Studio
Logitek Helix
Logitek Helix

2018 saw the introduction of JetLink, using the Opus codec to help radio stations do better remotes. Offered initially as software, JetLink will be incorporated into more Logitek products in the future.

Logitek JetLink at The Radio Show


Logitek mixIT

At the 2019 NAB Show, Logitek will introduce the new mixIT AoIP console for radio. We’ll have more information on this and other new product announcements as we get closer to the show.

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