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The Logitek Audio Engine Is The Heart Of Your System

Continuous Innovation

We’ve made audio consoles since 1979, and since introducing our digital products in the 1990s, we have centered our consoles around what we call the Logitek Audio Engine.

Building an audio console as a controller for a router is a more efficient way of designing your studio. We take away the need for distribution amplifiers, simplify wiring, and make it easy to share common equipment between studios. What’s more, instead of choosing how many faders you need by how many inputs you need to wire in a room, you choose the console width by how many sources you need at the same time, and it’s simple (and inexpensive) to grow your system as your needs change.

The Logitek Audio Engine today looks a lot different from the AE-32 we introduced towards the end of the 1990s. Now with multiple Audio over IP options, it’s easy to connect Logitek equipment to the IP audio devices you already own.

These are the current Logitek Audio Engines:

Logitek JET67

Everything you need in just one rack unit:

  • Up to 4 microphone inputs with phantom power
  • Up to 6 stereo analog inputs
  • 2 digital inputs
  • Up to 8 stereo analog outputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • EQ and dynamics
  • Optional Dante networking
  • Up to 24 mix-minus buses


  • AES67
  • LiveWire™
  • Logitek JetNet
  • Dante ($695 option)


Designed for maximum flexibility in Radio console operation at an affordable price, the JET67 interfaces to AES67, RAVENNA, and LiveWire networks as well as Logitek’s JetNet AoIP protocol; an optional Dante® interface is also available. Two 1 GB Ethernet connectors and two 10/100 Ethernet connectors are provided. The JET67’s internal mixer supports up to a 24 fader console, providing EQ and dynamics at each fader along with Program and 3 Aux buses at each fader. Up to 24 mix-minus buses are available, depending on the attendant console; buses may be combined for stereo operation. Six stereo analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 4 Mic inputs with phantom power, 8 stereo analog outputs and 2 digital outputs are provided.

Connections to JET67 are made with quick connect terminal blocks – no soldering, punch-downs or specialized crimping tools are needed. GPIO is provided on a DB-15 connector and includes 4 inputs and 8 outputs. Two JET67 units may be directly connected for expanded I/O capability. The unit is powered by an internal 90-264 VAC, 20 W supply, with a connection for an external 12 VDC redundant supply.

The JET67 Audio Engine, when combined with the mixIT audio console, brings superior performance at a low price point to Radio stations. It also operates with Logitek’s Helix hardware surfaces and Helix Studio virtual surface.

JetStream Plus

Now with Dante® I/O and Dugan™ insert points!

The JetStream Plus brings space savings and configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing, with 240 channels of I/O in only four rack units. Fifteen card slots allow customization of the number of analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs, microphone preamps, Dante® I/O, and insert points for connection of Dugan automixers. A drop-down front panel makes it easy to access module cards, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance.

Up to three Logitek consoles may be operated via a single JetStream Plus, including the Helix Surface virtual console which performs the same functions as a physical Logitek console.  In addition to standard console functions, the JetStream Plus also handles routing, mix-minus generation, profanity delay, frame delay for TV applications, audio processing, and other essential audio functions. The unit interfaces directly to many popular TV routers, edit systems and program automation control systems, and allows for direct transfer of audio from and to Radio hard-disk playout systems.  Audio connections are made via DB-25 connectors (BNC for SDI); consoles are connected via RJ-45.

  • Ultra-high density I/O: up to 240 channels are available in only four rack units
  • Dante® option provides 64 inputs and 64 outputs and automatically updates its list of sources from the network for easy selection by operators
  • Eight insert points provided for automatic mixing controllers from Dan Dugan Sound Design; analog, AES and AoIP format audio supported (available for TV consoles only including Helix Surface for TV)
  • Smooth digital mixing, one-button triggers, and multiple busses
  • 24 mix-minus busses follow assigned inputs no matter where the inputs appear on the console
  • 12 GPI inputs and 12 GPI outputs (on 2 DB-25 connectors) allow simple connection of external equipment
  • Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems via JetNet network conduit; no sound card is needed
  • Direct interface provided for connection to/from popular TV program automation control systems
  • Embedded microprocessor operates the system along with Logitek virtual applications

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