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Now with Dugan Insert Points!

The JetStream Plus brings space savings with configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing, with 240 channels in only four rack units. Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. A drop-down front panel makes it easy to access cards, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance.

Up to three Logitek consoles may be operated via a single JetStream Plus, including the vMix+ which may be used for “virtual” mixing and router control. In addition to standard console functions, the JetStream Plus also handles routing, mix-minus generation, profanity delay, audio processing and other essential audio functions. The unit interfaces directly to popular TV routers, edit systems and program automation control systems, and allows for direct transfer of audio from and to Radio hard-disk playout systems. A touch screen on the front panel provides easy access to meters, controls and status functions. Audio connections are made via DB-25 connectors (BNC for SDI); consoles are connected via RJ-45.

  • Ultra-high-density I/O in only four rack units
  • Supports the latest IP and Ethernet protocols
  • 12 GPI inputs and 12 GPI outputs (on 2 DB-25 connectors)
  • 24 mix-minus busses
  • Embedded microprocessor for operation of system and Logitek virtual applications
  • Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems via JetNet network conduit instead of sound cards
  • Interfaces to popular TV program automation control systems
  • Smooth digital mixing, one-button triggers, multiple busses


Post-fader insert points are available for the connection of automatic mixing controllers made by Dan Dugan Sound Design. Eight inserts are supported and allow the connection of analog, AES or AoIP format audio. The inserts are available in the JetStream Plus for Helix Television console configurations, including the Helix Surface virtual console for television.

The JetStream Mini is an integrated console engine and AoIP routing platform. It handles console functions as well as audio routing duties. One JetStream Mini can handle up to 128 digital or analog inputs/outputs of your choice. It includes 24 mix-minus busses (assignable to any fader of any Logitek console connected to the router); 9 program busses; 32 channels of stereo audio shared between 1 to 3 Logitek consoles; EQ and dynamics processing assignable to any fader; fader input metering with audio level alarms; smooth digital mixing and triggering.  StudioHub+™ inputs may be directly connected; breakouts are also available for DB25, XLR, BNC (digital I/O) and punch blocks.

Direct network transfer of audio from hard-disk playout systems is available via the JetNet network conduit.

The JetStream Mini offers seamless interoperability with many video routers, edit systems, and program automation control systems.

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