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Since 1979, Logitek has offered radio stations innovative ways to create content.

Now, by using touchscreen technology on all of our audio consoles, Logitek consoles are modern, simple, and easy to use, making other audio consoles look old and dated.

Helix Radio

Winner of NewBay’s Best of Show Award from RADIO Magazine at the 2017 NAB Show, Helix is a modern radio console with touchscreen controls.


The mixIT is the affordable, touchscreen networked audio console designed for today’s radio studios. The first Logitek console to use the new JET67 AES-67 engine, the mixIT is also compatible with JetStream audio routers.

Helix Studio

Sometimes the best console is no console at all. The Helix Studio, built for the Microsoft Surface Studio, puts your console on a sheet of glass.

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Logitek has consoles in stock and ready to ship right now. Call us at (800) 231-5870 to discuss what your station needs. We’re ready to help.

Logitek Consoles, Powered By The Logitek Audio Engine

Since the 1990s, Logitek audio consoles have been router-based. This means any source can route to any fader, and you can choose how many faders you need based upon how many sources you use at the same time, not by how many inputs you have.

Logitek’s audio routers feature AES-67 networking that is compatible with Livewire and Ravenna systems. Dante audio networking is standard on the JetStream Plus and optional on the JET67.

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