Radio Consoles

Helix Radio Console

Winner of NewBay’s Best of Show Award from TV Technology at the 2017 NAB Show, Helix is a modern radio console with touchscreen controls and motorized faders.

Mosaic Console

The Mosaic puts every control an operator could need – pan, trim, EQ, dynamics – right at their fingertips.

Pilot Console

Perfect for stations with inexperienced operators, the Pilot offers only basic, essential controls. If you want a console where it’s easy to find the source and put it on the air, the Pilot is for your station.

Helix Studio Virtual Console

Sometimes the best console is no console at all. The Helix Studio, built for the Microsoft Surface Studio, puts your console on a sheet of glass.

Audio Routers

All Logitek consoles need an audio router to operate.

The Helix Radio console (and virtual console) as well as the Mosaic and Pilot work with both the JetStream Plus and the JetStream Mini.

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