Logitek mixIT

Small But Mighty

The Logitek mixIT packs a lot of power into a small frame – analog, digital, and Audio over IP – at the price you’d pay for an analog console.

Yet, you can do so much more! Use the simple touchscreen controls to route any source to any fader. Mix minus built into every fader means every remote source can have its own clean feed without having to remember what button to push. Three touchscreen routers can be used to control what feeds computers or codecs or even the air chain. 4 scene select buttons let you save console configurations for different shows.

If you’re coming to mixIT from the analog world, the learning curve is pretty short. Wire in and name your sources and destinations to the 1RU JET67 Audio Engine (which also serves as the console power supply), and you’re good to go. If you already have Audio over IP equipment, our built-in support for AES-67, Livewire+, and Ravenna and optional Dante module lets you connect mixIT to the things you already own.

Logitek has mixIT consoles in stock and ready to ship. Call us today at (800) 231-5870 and let’s get your studio project started!

Which Virtual Soundcards Work With The JET67/mixIT?

The standard system is compatible with the Livewire+ driver (with AES67 mode enabled) or the Ravenna R3LAY driver. Both of those drivers are available directly from your automation vendor or from local broadcast suppliers. If you order the Dante option, the system will also work with the $29 Dante Virtual Soundcard, available from Audinate.

Will the JET67/mixIT work with the Comrex Access Multirack?

Yes. The JET67 supports AES-67 with SAP and Ravenna discovery natively, which is what Comrex supports.

Will the JET67/mixIT work with the Telos VX phone system?

Yes. Livewire+ support is built into our networking, so an additional X-Node is not required.



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