The Affordable AES-67 Radio Console.

Small Footprint.
Huge Features.
Amazing Price.

When you combine a mixIT Radio Console with a Logitek JET67 Audio Engine, you get an unbeatable combination: the touchscreen controls are simple to use and compatibility with Livewire+® and Ravenna® AES-67 networking make it easy to integrate with the equipment you already own at an affordable price. Add a J67-DANTE card to the JET67 and get 32 x 32 channels of Dante® audio in addition to the standard AES-67 networking for maximum flexibility.

Already own a Logitek JetStream? It’s easy to connect a mixIT to the Audio Engine you already own. Call us for special console-only pricing to connect to any version 5 JetStream Mini or any JetStream Plus.

Price (Including JET67)$4800$5800$7100
Number of Faders61218
AES-67Yes, with Livewire+ & Ravenna supportYes, with Livewire+ & Ravenna supportYes, with Livewire+ & Ravenna support
Dante Networking$695 option$695 option$695 option
Number of Mic Inputs2, with phantom power4, with phantom power4, with phantom power
Number of Analog Inputs3 stereo or 6 mono6 stereo or 12 mono6 stereo or 12 mono
Number of AES (digital) Inputs222
Number of Analog Outputs4 stereo or 8 mono8 stereo or 16 mono8 stereo or 16 mono
Number of AES (digital) Outputs222
Ethernet ports2 x Gigabit, 2 x 10/1002 x Gigabit, 2 x 10/1002 x Gigabit, 2 x 10/100

Which virtual sound card drivers work with the JET67?

The standard system is compatible with the Livewire+ driver (with AES67 mode enabled) or the Ravenna R3LAY driver. Both of those drivers are available directly from your automation vendor or from local broadcast suppliers. If you order the Dante option, the system will work with the Dante Virtual Soundcard, available from Audinate.

Will the JET67 work with the Comrex Access Multirack?

Yes. The JET67 supports AES-67 with SAP and Ravenna discovery natively, which is what Comrex supports.

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