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Remember: Logitek Electronic Systems has no relation to Logitech, the maker of consumer electronics devices. If you can buy it in a retail store, we didn’t make it and can’t support it.

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Are you the same company that makes computer equipment and consumer electronics?

No. We are Logitek Electronic Systems, founded in 1979, and we only make broadcast audio equipment. None of our products are sold in retail stores. You’re looking for Logitech (also branded as Logi), and we have no relation to them.

I’m a teacher and I have this Quiztron box that says it was made by Logitek. Is that you?

That was us. We made quiz boxes for Academic Hallmark years ago, but we are no longer in that business and we can no longer get parts to service those boxes.

Are you the Logitek Systems that makes aeronautical equipment?

No. That comany was acquired by NAI Industries.



5622 Edgemoor Dr, Houston, TX 77081

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