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We’re here to help. Below you will find links to manuals and software for current as well as older Logitek products.

Please note: we do not make computer mice, headsets, TV remote controls, keyboards, or any consumer electronics. If you’ve reached this page seeking information about that kind of product, try clicking here. The company you are looking for is spelled differently and we are not associated with them in any way.

But if you’re looking for broadcast equipment, read on!

Used Equipment Policy

If you purchased your Logitek equipment from any source other than directly from us or an authorized distributor, you are ineligible for warranty service regardless of the age of the equipment. As such, you will be charged for service calls and for any parts or software assistance requested from us.

Logitek Factory Service

USA & Canada Support

Tel: +1 713-664-4470

Toll Free: (800) 231-5870

If you purchased your system from an authorized Logitek distributor outside of the USA

Contact the dealer where you purchased your system. They have been trained to provide you technical support and will contact the factory on your behalf if necessary.

Logitek Australia

Tel: +61 2 8882 7777

Logitek Asia

Tel: +61 2 8882 7777

All software for the JetStream is pre-loaded on the embedded computer.

The JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus use the web-based JetSet for basic configuration and Command Builder for advanced scripting and macros.

The AE-32 Audio Engine was sold from the late 1990s – 2016.


Download AE-32 Audio Engine Hardware Manual

Version 3.6 is the current software release. All Audio Engines using a DSP table of Standard 30 and above should use version 3.6. (Version 3 engines were sold roughly from 2001 through 2016. Older engines are most likely Version 2; do not use version 3 software on a version 2 engine or vice versa.) If you’re not sure what version you have, contact the factory (USA).
Contact the factory for a password to download the software.

AE Config 3.6 Software | Manual

Command Builder 3.6 Software | Manual

Supervisor 3.6 Software | Manual

Note: If you use television automation from Sony or Ross Video, contact the Logitek factory (USA) for a special version of Supervisor.

The following Virtual Clients are explained in the vTools Manual, which is located here..

vButton 3.6 Software

vChange 3.6 Software

vDelay 3.6 Software

vManager 3.6 Software

vMix 3.6 Software (requires additional license)

vMix+ Designer Software (requires additional license)

vMix+ Software (requires additional license)

vRoute 3.6 Software

vSnapshot 3.6 Software

vTranslator 3.6 Software

Version 2 AE-32 Audio Engine (late 1990’s – 2001)

Version 2 AE-32 Audio Engine Hardware Manual

AE Config for version 2.x Software | Manual

These are our current models. If you do not see your console here, look in the Older Products section.

The ROC console listed here is for series 2, manufactured from 2012 to present. For the ROC 5 and ROC 10, manufactured from 1998 – 2001, see Older Products.

The Mosaic console listed here is for series 2, manufactured from December 2013 to present. For the first series of Mosaic, see Older Products.

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